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RE: 5hp Honda Problems

<x-flowed>Email me directly if you want it.  I have it as a JPEG right now; if 
you'd like a different format tell me what you want.

Race is May 15-16, start/finish at Friday Harbor, overnight layover 
at Mitchell Bay.  $20/boat, 10% off for US Sailing members. 
Barbecue/beer bash Saturday night is $8/person in advance, $10 for 

Race entries are due by 6 pm May 13th.

The race is in two divisions, PHRF (those with a current PHRF-NW 
certificate) and Cruising (everybody else).  One apparent change from 
last year is that all Cruising Division boats will race without 
flying sails (spinnakers and such); PHRF Division boats still have 
the option, though.

Last year the race was limited to monohull keelboats; I see no such 
restriction on the entry form this year, though.

Hal Mueller       (through June)
Seattle, Washington        (206) 297-9574

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