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<x-flowed>>Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 10:20:47 -0700 (PDT)
>My grandson and I are in forth place after the first leg of the Around =
>San Juan Race!  We are ahead of some much larger yachts (some trimasters =
>which I believe are Aquacats) and  I don;t know what all. We are in the =
>Cruising class which are not PHRF rated. The boat in first place is =
>Otter,  a San Juan 28, from Vancouver B.C. Canada.. Our actual elapsed =
>time was 5:52:52. Our corrected time with a 0.818 factor was 4:48:30.  =
>Otter  has a corrected time of 4:21:11; Flamenca, in second is 4:39:58; =
>and Harmony, in third place is 4:40:54. I have to step off and let me =
>grandson bring it in the last leg due to responsibilities at my church =
>which is calling a new pastor today. But I suspect he will improve our =
>position. He was tactician yesterday and made a couple suggestions I =
>ignored only to regret later! He has learned a lot sailing with the =
>Friday Harbor High School sailing club this year. Grampa is gonna have =
>to start listening to him!!
>Chuck Vande Wetering=20

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