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Chuck Vande Wetering
SJ23 Internet Fleet Webmaster
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From: Paul J. Smith <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 6:11 PM
Subject: Hull #472

>Hi Chuck,
>    My name is Paul, and I've ownd hull #472 since 1983. My boat was
>built in 1980 on the east coast. After over ten years of sailing both in
>Maryland, and in lower Florida & the Keys, I bought a 30 ft catamaran.
>The San Juan has lanquished in my driveway for several years, except for
>her annual 4 to 6 week sail in Florida. I mention all this becouse this
>fall I hope to sail the cat South. And finally, it is time to find a new
>home for my San Juan!
>   Only at this point do I discover that there is a San Juan Home page!
>Is there any format for offering my boat for sale thru the Home page?
>   Hope to hear from you soon
>The Studio   a SanJuan 23

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