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Welcome to the sanjuan23 mailing list!

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    unsubscribe sanjuan23

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[Last updated on: Fri Jun 18 19:39:26 1999]
Welcome to the San Juan 23 mailing list, which serves owners, prospective
owners, and fans of the San Juan 23 sailboat.  The list is open to 
anyone interested in San Juan 23's and similar boats.

If you are new to the list, we'd love for you to send us an intro. 
Tell us who you are, where you sail, what sort of sailing you like to 
do, and your boat's name, hull number, and year.

The list is fairly low volume, and is more personable, friendly, and 
chatty than most.  Some of us have gotten together for cruises, 
races, or meals.

Please don't send binaries or attachments, such as programs or 
digital images.  Instead, put them on a web server and post the URL 
to the mailing list.

We encourage "for sale"/"wanted" notices for San Juans and equipment. 
If you have gear or a boat for sale, please post a complete 
description, price, and contact information; unlike a newspaper ad, 
it doesn't cost you anything to include all the details.  We don't 
care whether you're a dealer.  We do ask that ads be infrequent and 
mostly focused on our boats, as opposed to general marine equipment 
and supplies.  No photos though--URL's instead.

The list is not archived.  However, two web sites have well-edited 
summaries of some past discussions, much original documentation, 
how-to for some boat improvements, sources for parts, and answers to 
common questions about the boats:
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet:
San Juan 23 Tech Tips:

Send submissions to the list to  To reach a human 
for administrative matters, contact

No digest version is available.  It is not moderated.  Your postings 
go out immediately.

If you'd like to set up your mail reader to filter San Juan 23 list 
messages to their own folder, you may count on each message having 
the header line:
Sender: owner-sanjuan23@PEAK.ORG

To leave the list, send a one line message to

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