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Re: Replacement windows or seals for leaking ports, V-boards, and Lexan hatch

Ahoy SJ23 sailors,

Has anyone found a good location for the prota potti?
Mine is behind the mast support,
under sails,
under the spin pole,
under the sleeping bag,
under the cushions,
under the plywood hatch,
and finally under the lid.
In other words it is almost useless.
Even my non-sailing-squimish-desperate
guests find a bucket is a lot more useful.
I looked at the SJ23 web page to see if the other interiors
have thier 'device' in a more convientant location.
I didnt see a good location even on the zephyr.
Some of the SJ23 picture gallery photos look like intense concentration for the
I think it might be they don't want to rearrange the whole forepeak to use the
If anyone has a good solution to this problem
i am sure i am not the only one who might appreciate a better way.

Bobby K

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