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techtips update

<x-flowed>From: "David S. Schultz" <>
To: <>
Subject: leaking window
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 22:10:52 -0700


We have thoroughly studied Bob's tech tip about leaking windows and =
believe our problem may need a different solution.

We appear to have a rubber gasket material between the plexiglas and the =
exterior frame of the window of the cabin.  My husband removed the =
interior rubber gasket and interior frame to study where the water is =
seeping in.  It is coming between the gasket and the frame, not the =
frame and hull as described in the tech tip.  Can we buy a new gasket or =
is this really an incredibly neat black caulk job?

Have we skewed the apparent leak by removing the interior frame to =
observe.  We sprayed soapy water on the outside and blew compressed air =
against the plexiglas with bubbles showing up outside.

At this point we have not removed the window from the hull, looks like a =
winter project and we keep her in our barn most of the time.


Betsy Schultz
"Low Overhead"

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