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New Tech tip


I will do it as soon as I can access the Geocities (now Yahoo) file manager
for the SJ 23 Internet Fleet WebPages. When Yahoo took over Geocities, they
instituted a reregistration procedure. I have been unable to get back to the
file manager since then. I have written three e-mails to them about the
problem and still no response. The reregistration worked on my family
homepage but not on the SJ 23 pages. Everyone can still view the pages, I
just can't make any changes.

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Date: Monday, July 12, 1999 7:04 AM
Subject: name update

>Hi Chuck ;
>I'm Ron Katz I would like to update my info on the skipper list and get on
>the Email list. My address is 134 Chapel Hill Cir., Macon Ga. 31211 phone
>number 912-742-3556, Email Autowizrd , My boat name "Seawitch"
>a 1981 SJ23 #602, I sail her in central Ga. at Lake Sinclear &Lake Juliette
>Please make the changes on the skippers list. A friend of mine just bought
>78 SJ23  so will have two 23 &one 21 at the club., if anyone  would like to
>come  to Ga. we could have a match  race .Thanks happy sailing  Ron Katz

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