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FW: FORM results and Welcome back Tom!

<x-flowed>Hello Hal,
Sorry I'm so late in responding, between July 4th vacation, work ,etc. I've
been pretty slack on checking my mail.   Any way, here's a little info. I and
a good friend (high school / college and sailing buddy) purchased our San
Juan 23 in December '98 in New Bern, NC.   The boat is named the "Joyride"
and is a 1978 vintage, sail number 165.  My friend (Ben White) and I have
sailed primarily hobie cats but as middle age has set in we decided that
something a little drier and a little easier on the body would be benefical.
We also wanted something his wife and my lady friend could also enjoy.  We
hauled the boat in December , trailered it to Fayeteville NC to my buddy's
back yard, worked on it all winter and spring and currently have it on a
mooring at a small sailing club in a fresh water lake (Lake Waccamaw) in
southeastern NC which is approximately 35 miles from the NC/SC coast.  Our
intentions are to eventually move the Joyride to a slip in the Southport /
Oak Island area of the NC coast as my partner has a summer cottage there.
Until then, we thought a lake environment would be a little easier to make
the transition from hobie cat to monohull!!!
I do have a question that you may be able to help me with.  Does any one have
a good diagram/description/picture of how the pulley/block arrangement is set
up to raise the center board?  The owners manual is a littel vague in that
I have really enjoyed the San Juan 23 Home Page and the Tech Tips have been
very helpful especially fixing leaking windows!!   Hope this helps, I'll try
to be little more timely in my responses in the future.  Take care,   Bill

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