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Re: FW: Trailer Dimensions for SJ24 Fixed Keel


I am forwarding your inquiry to the e-mail list. I queried the list and you
are listed there. I have not received any mail from the majordomo list
either in the past few weeks so maybe everyone is busy sailing and not
playing at their computers! If you get this, you will know there is no


I checked to be sure you are on the majordomo e-mail list and you are. You
can send information through the San Juan 23 e-mail list or directly to my
e-mail at

There have been some problems with updating the page due to the refusal of
the new Yahoo-Geocities system to accept my re-registration. I therefore
have two pages going- the old one at and

The old page cannot be edited and will soon be out of date but I can't get
to it to erase it! The new one (5493)is current. I cut and pasted everything
to that page and am abler to get to the file manager and update it.

Chuck Vande Wetering
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Date: Wednesday, August 04, 1999 5:47 AM
Subject: check out my email add

>Hi Chuck
>can you check out if I'm sill on the email list I haven't  gotten any mail
>since 7/21 &can you up date the skippers list for me .
>Thanks Ron Katz(

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