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Merry Christmas and a little help needed

j4fwtx wrote:
> Bob,
>     What is a good source for a stern rail for our '81 SJ23?  Also,
> have you run across anyone who has installed a bow pulpit?  We had one
> on our ComPac 19 and it was great!  One more thing,,,,,,the
> rubber/plastic?? piece that covers the bow @ the forestay.....any idea
> where I might locate one?  Ours is cracked and missing the starboard
> side lip.
> Thanks again,
> Carey Smith
Hi Carey:

Replacement bow caps are available from;

Gene Adams
2241 Franklin Rd, Mt. Vernon Washington (just East of Port Anacortis)

I was talking to Gene the other day and he said had a few in stock. 
About $30.00 each, If memory serves correct.  The vinyl caps for the
transom are no longer available. 

Check with Gene on the pulpit.  He might have an original left or will
at least tell you where to get one. 

Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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