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Re: Does SJ 23 Sink when holed or flooded?

Although I just sold our SJ23 (moved up to a 30 footer), we loved her
for more than 10 years. It's a great boat. Things to do in the inspection:

1. Check the hull under the trailer supports for soft spots. Improper
placement of supports can damage the hull and repairs would be very
expensive if you're not a skilled glass worker.

2. Check the bottom for blisters. If you find any, tap them hard with a
rubber mallet. If they crack, you will need to re-do the bottom (sanding
it down and, preferably, applying "tar-poxy", an epoxy coating).

3. In the cabin, check all the storage bins for signs of water. If so,
calking and re-bedding of the toe rail will probably be necessary. Also
check the gasket on the foredeck hatch.Also check for signs of leakage
around the chainplates and the throughdeck entry for mast-mounted
electrics wiring.

4. If positioning on the trailer will permit, check the centerboard
cable for signs of wear or fraying. Usually it occurs about 8-10 inches
from its connection to the board. If the cable is broken, the trailer's
design might not permit launching, in which case you'd need to have a
marina or boatyard hoist it to repair the cable and then set back on the
trailer. While hoisted, make sure the bolt holding the board to the
housing is in good shape.

5. Check the gudgeons and pintles on the rudder connections. If they're
bent, they'll need to be replaced. Possible causes: trying to launch
with the rudder attached; running aground. (That's a good reason to
check to see that the centerboard is not warped also.)

6. Check the running lights. Clark Boats used pretty cheap running
lights and the interior receptacles frequently would get wet and would
need replacement. This is also true of the mast-mounted steaming light
about midway up the mast.

7. Check the standing rigging for fishhooks and hairline cracks. If any
are found replace the standing rigging. Also check chainplate fittings
for any signs of cracking.

8. Study the outboard mount; it may need repair or replacement.

9. Plan on buying a new battery. But take one with you so you can check
all lighting, interior and exterior.

I hope your lessons will convince you that life isn't worth living
without a sailboat! If Steve is your instructor at Lighthouse Landing
(we keep our boat Tumblewood there), you'll have a great time and learn
a lot. :-) Happy Sailing!

Larry Colter

Lawrence F Fisher wrote:
> Hello, my wife and I live near Indianapolis, Indiana and are we are just
> getting into sailing by going to a 4-day basic sailing course at Kentucky Lake
> - Lighthouse Landing on September 13-16.  We do not currently own a boat.
> Just last week met someone in our neighborhood who has a San Juan 23 for sale.
> I estimate that the boat is about 20 years old. Is on Magic Tilt trailer which
> does not have brakes, which are necessary to be legal for that much gross
> weight in our state.  Both boat & trailer are stored in barn off-season and
> have not been used this year.  Both appear to be in reasonable condition.
> Price is $5500.  Plan to look at boat more after we get back from sailing
> school, if it is still for sale and we determine that we are really interested
> in sailing. Want to check out on water as well as on land.  Our preferred lake
> - Brookville Reservoir -is 60 miles away.  Please advise if this boat might
> have any common weaknesses to look for.  I realize that most of equipment
> topsides can be replaced or repaired, but hull & other major structural
> components can't. We do not have a marine surveyor in Indiana, and I hope to
> locate someone knowledgeable to go with me, but would appreciate any advice.
> Thanks so much.  Will let you know how things go, especially if we become
> owners and will need much more advice!
> Larry Fisher
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