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Re: New Main'sl


Come on up to Edmonds and you can play with my North main if you 
like.  Top batten is full, others are partial.  The North guy in 
Portland told me there's only marginal benefit in full battens in the 
lower pockets.

I suspect you'd see more benefit in using all full length battens in 
a rig where the main was more of the total sail area, but in our 
boats it often feels like we have a jib and a trim tab.

Could you post your quotes/vendors?  Just for curiosity's sake.  I 
was quite surprised when I bought mine that the different lofts were 
so close in price.


At 2:11 PM -0700 9/7/99, Marc Emmons wrote:
>I unfortunately tore my main'sl this weekend while trying to reef it in 30
>knt winds.
>I've gotten several quotes for a new one but I seem to be confused about the
>benefits of having a fully battened sail or one where only the top two
>battens are full.
>If anyone has advice on vendor, Dacron weight, or whether to go with a fully
>battened sail or not it would help immensely

Hal Mueller      
Seattle, Washington        (206) 297-9574

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