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San Juan 23 information

Greetings San Juan 23 sailors. I'm new to the list and
am currently looking at a deal on a 1980 SJ-23 that
might be too good to pass up. I sailed Lasers for 10
years before recently moving up to an 18-ft keelboat,
a Seaward Fox. The Seaward has been a good boat, but
it's not as responsive, as fast, or as roomy as I'd
like too see in a sailboat. From all accounts the
SJ-23 would be a great fit for my needs--easy to
singlehand, reasonably nimble, not to mention extended
overnight capability. I'd like to hear your thoughts
on the boat: Its sailability, trailerability, build
quality, etc. As a husband and father, I'd also
especially enjoy any stories of extended family
vacations/daysails spent onboard.

Fair winds.

Brian Sweany

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