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Re: Resin?

> Does anyone know what resin was used to laminate the hull and deck of the San Juan 23?  Was it polyester resin or epoxy resin?  Don Casey, in his book "This Old Boat" writes, "Unless you know otherwise, it is safe to assume that your boat was laminated with polyester resin since not one boat in a thousand is epoxy laminated."  If it is polyester resin that the hull and deck were laminated with, can you use epoxy for repairs, or does it need to be repaired with polyester resin?  Are there adhesion problem? .

I have the same book. Don Casey indicated that epoxy resin will stick to polyester, but not the other way round. So epoxy is the universal donor. It is stronger, but more expensive. I would think any factory boat built in the 70's or later is made with polyester resin.

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