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Re: remote controls

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The motor controls are more a function of the outboard than the boat.
May as well ask here since I dont know of any outboard maillists.
You might have some luck with
I would get the serial numbers year make and model off the motor
and call the local boat repir shops.
The serial numbers are the magic key to talking
to the parts department in thier own language.
In my neighborhood there happens to be
one good parts man for merc outboards.
He a good source of information.
I doubt if the remote kits are cheap.
I wanted to get an electric start kit and the price
seemed unresonable to me.
The local library might have some motor repair manuals
which might indicate options for your year make model.
I have a about 1978 mercury 7.5 HP outboard.
It has provisions for cable controls.
If you pop the cover off the motor you might see some
brackets on the shift lever shaft.  If you have the brackets just
adding a cable to the cockpit and a shift lever might be all that
is necessary.
I hacksawed the remote shifter brackets off my motor.
A friend was helping me launch and the remote
brackets flopped over and jammed. My friend broke the lever
and bent the shaft attempting to change gears.
$25.00 for a new shifter, $28.00 for a new shifter shaft.
Two trips to the lake for motor repair.
(one attempt was aborted due to a freakish late May hailstorm)
After hacksaw engineering the motor shifts without jiggling the lever.
The smaller the motor the few features available.
Larger models have options kits for alternators
and electric start.
A friend just purchased a new outboard.  Apperently at least with
Johnson you cannot buy a motor with options from the factory
they have have to be be purchased as a kit and installed
by a factory authorized dealer.
Guess they want to spread the wealth around.
I would actually like simpler controls on the motor.
I have found the twist grip throttle is
often sloppy on an older motor, I would like to see just a lever
like on a lot of 3hp motors.
I would also like to see a locking mechinism
on the power head to keep the whole motor from gradually twisting
counterclockwise. My motor gradually precesses counter clockwise at
low RPM.
But then who cares sailboat owners, they just buy motors once
every two or three of decades.

Happy motoring.
Bobby K
Windshift, SJ23 Hull #1, Pentax Sail #42, Lake Mead, NV

I have a San Juan 24, and I just bought a new Mercury 5 horse. Anyone who
knows San Juan 24's knows its a long reach down to the outboard if your
driving, does anyone know if controls are  availible to put a throttle /
gearshift in the cockpit???

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