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SJ23 wannabe owner

 I for some reason, [possibly because of the impressive website for SJ23s] 
cannot stop thinking about a particular SJ23 that I found at my local sailing 
club in Indy. It is for sail, and needs work, but that is nothing new to me. 
[I would not no how to act if I were to purchase a boat in seaworthy 
condition] I found a placard number on her stern and was wondering if anyone 
could tell me anything of her origin or age by her number. I know not what 
sail number she has, but the number inscribed in her stern is OLKJ 0223M78E. 
Any help or info that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I am going to 
buy this boat, I think.....[she seems to need my TLC....I think she deserves 
it, and I am a sucker for a needy boat.] Thanks for any help you can 
provide!>>>>>William Best>>>>>

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