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Fw: FORM results and Welcome Aboard

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Sent: Sunday, October 10, 1999 9:23 AM
Subject: FORM results

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> (My Name is)  Carey & Lou Ann Smith
> (Owner)  San Juan 23
> (Boat name)  not named yet
> (I Sail )  Texas, mostly Lake Amistad in Del Rio, Tx.
> (email)
> (Mailing address)  Box 51153
> (city, state, country)  Midland, Tx
> (year)  1982
> (comments)  Recently purchased our SJ, and anxious to get her wet!  Will
be sailing mostly @ Lake Amistad in Del Rio, Tx, but also love trailer
sailing all over Texas/NM.  Its tough to sail in a desert, but we are
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