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Email Story---------------------------------------------------------------------This story was sent to you from Louis Vuitton Cup Official Web sitelocated at http://www.louisvuittoncup.comby a friend, Chuck Vande Wetering.---------------------------------------------------------------------Comments: I am really enjoying the 2 D Race Tracker at http://www.americascup.comThe tracker is like a simulator powered by the hardware on board the boats which plots the race using GPS I suppose. ChuckStory Follows:PREVIEW RACE 7: BIG MATCH WITH AMERICAONE VERSUS LUNA ROSSA14 November 1999After a frustrating day on the race course yesterday with three of the five matches abandoned due to lack of wind, it looks more promising today. Forecasters predict 10 knots of wind from the North. All eyes will be on the match of the day between Paul Cayard‚s AmericaOne and the Italian Luna Rossa.To read the full story visit the Louis Vuitton Cup Web site at http://www.louisvuittoncup!
.comor go directly to the story at

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