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[Fwd: boat modification's]

Happy NewYear 
Las spring, I sent an email to Bob Schimmel about the changes I was 
planning to make to my 23. He asked me to send photos. Well I still have 
a couple of things to do but mostly the boat is done except for 
hopefully repainting some time in the future. I will be sending photos 
as soon as I install the teak holly floor. So far I have rewired the 
boat and relocated the baterey amidships on the port side. The boat now 
sleeps only 3 because I have glassed in the starboard laz. and opened it 
up to the cockpit. I have also put in a proper galley area on the 
starboard side aft. The port settee has a slider arrangement which alows 
for a wider berth. All the cushions were replaced and there is new 
upholsterey. There is now a small chart table portside aft and I have 
relocated the panel outboard above it. I installed a battery monitor and 
a new radio there also. I also installed a solar charger and roller 
furling. I removed the 2 small portlights forward and replaced them with 
slightly larger Beckson opening ports and I have also added a solar 
ventilator. Last of all I added a pushpit because I needed someplace to 
put the barbecue. For this year I have now acquired a cruising chut for 
off the wind work. We used the boat extensively this summer in the Bay 
of Quinte area and I must say that all the work and expnse was worth 
it.I know this seems a little much for a small boat but we have had it 
for a few years and plan on keeping it for a while yet.
  Tom Lacquement  OPUS1  Missisauga, Ont.

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