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Re: Insurance

I can answer insurance as it applies to me in
Minnesota on my sailboat (s).  My agent tells me that
when the boat is attached to the car that the car
insurance is valid for libality and damage.  This
forces me to trailor with the "good" car that has full
coverage opposed to the "work" car that has libality
only.  Damage coming off the trailor to the water
could get interesting.  I have a rider on my
homeowners that requires declaring value of trailor,
boat, and motor.   -It is difficult as I do not want
to become insurance poor, and the package is worth
less that the sum of the parts.  I hate to think of
having to replace my junky but functional trailor, or
having to find the correct used motor.  I am at least
conered to some degree for loss and theft, but more
importantly if I mow down someones kid, or a guest
gets clobbered by the boom coverage goes to
homeowners.   For a while while I was not a homeowner,
I transfered title to a friend, and paid the premum on
her homeowners policy.  I would have to lookk it up,
but the premimum is not much, at least in northern Mn
where the season is short.  It seems that one of the
big cost risks is recovery if I sunk in a channel. 
Any homeowners agent worth a damn should be able to

--- Chuck vanDe Wetering <>
> Tom,
> Are you on the majordomo e-mail list? If you are
> your question would go
> directly to close to 100 SJ23 and fellow sailors
> automatically. They only
> get it now if I forward it to them, but in the event
> I am not around, it
> will sit on my server waiting for me to open it. If
> you like, I can
> subscribe you or you can do it by clciking on the
> link on the SJ23 webpage.
> To answer your question, I don't cover my SJ23 for
> anything more than
> liability. I don't cover cars or anything that have
> a value in the $5,000
> range. I really haven't checked out the cost of such
> insurance per $1,000. I
> just prefer to cover only potential losses that
> could bankrupt me or put a
> serious crimp in my luxurious style of living! A
> boat I paid $3,000 for
> isn't in that category even though I don't think I
> could replace it for what
> I paid for it.
> Chuck Vande Wetering
> PO Box 2205
> Friday Harbor, Wa 98250
> ".All I ask is...the wheel's kick and the wind's
> song and the white sail's
> shaking..."
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> Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 8:49 AM
> Subject: Insurance
> > I'm wondering what most other trailer sailers do
> about insurance. We sail
> > exclusively at a local lake with some short visits
> to other lakes within
> 500
> > hundred miles or so. I'm not too worried about the
> boat while its on the
> > water but do worry about trailering it. My current
> auto coverage only
> covers
> > the boat for liability. Because of the age of my
> boat (1979) I think I
> would
> > need a survey to get hull insurance (which is a
> real problem because there
> > isn't a marine surveyer within 300 miles and I'm
> not sure I need hull
> > coverage to start with). Just curious what most of
> the other trailer
> sailers
> > do?..Thanks Tom Dew
> >
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