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rudders and #s

Hello All,
 I have a 1975 San Juan 24 named "Hayduke."  Hayduke and I survived our
first year-round live aboard in Holland Michigan. I didn't even have to
use my ice axe to get the companionway hatch open this year! Not a once!  
I need to know how to find the Hull # on my boat, that way i'll look cool
when I talk about my boat. 
Also, SJ 24 are notorious for bad rudder bearings. They have a fiberglass
bearing that the stainless steal post rides on. The post has loosened up
and I need to know how to fix it, Any Ideas??? Also, I have a leak down
there by the rudder post, I take on water when I'm under power, or when
the people hangen out in the cockpit are too heavy. So I need a repair
that replaces the bearing and seals the joint between the bearing and the
Also, there are 2 cockpit drains that allow water to enter the cockpit
when the boat is healed. I think these drains need hoods on the bottem  to
direct the water over them. Any Ideas???
One more thing: does anyone with an SJ 24 have a sink that fills with
water when underway if the thru-hull drain isn't closed??? 

thanks for any and all help,
matt Cooper 
Holland Michigan

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