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Re: rudders and #s


Did you look in Bob Schimmel's Tectips pages and on our E-Mail Archives
page? They are both links you can click on on the opening or index page of
the San Juan 23 Internet Webpages (See below in my signature block). I think
you will find some answers to your questions there.

Do you have a registration ID number for your boat? In most states you have
to register your boat and the title will have the HIN (Hull Identification
Number). On the San Juan 23 it is found on a plate attached to or embedded
in the right side of the transom. I am not sure where it is on the San Juan
24. If you give that to us we can answer your question about boat and sail
numbers. I thought I had posted an e-mail answer to that question in our
E-mail archives, but just checked and it isn't there, so I am going to type
it out and place it there as soon as I finish this e-mail. And I will send
it out to the E-maiul list so you will get it there briefly.

Chuck Vande Wetering
PO Box 2205
Friday Harbor, Wa 98250

".All I ask is...the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's

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Sent: Monday, March 20, 2000 9:52 AM
Subject: rudders and #s

> Hello All,
>  I have a 1975 San Juan 24 named "Hayduke."  Hayduke and I survived our
> first year-round live aboard in Holland Michigan. I didn't even have to
> use my ice axe to get the companionway hatch open this year! Not a once!
> I need to know how to find the Hull # on my boat, that way i'll look cool
> when I talk about my boat.
> Also, SJ 24 are notorious for bad rudder bearings. They have a fiberglass
> bearing that the stainless steal post rides on. The post has loosened up
> and I need to know how to fix it, Any Ideas??? Also, I have a leak down
> there by the rudder post, I take on water when I'm under power, or when
> the people hangen out in the cockpit are too heavy. So I need a repair
> that replaces the bearing and seals the joint between the bearing and the
> hull...
> Also, there are 2 cockpit drains that allow water to enter the cockpit
> when the boat is healed. I think these drains need hoods on the bottem  to
> direct the water over them. Any Ideas???
> One more thing: does anyone with an SJ 24 have a sink that fills with
> water when underway if the thru-hull drain isn't closed???
> thanks for any and all help,
> matt Cooper
> Holland Michigan
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