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Fw: FORM results-Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard the San Juan 23 Intrnet Fleet Dave and Suzie. I have signed
you up on the skipper page and subscribed you  to our majordomo e-mail list.
This will be copied to the members to introduce you.

Chuck Vande Wetering

> Sent from Mail Form posted at:
> (My Name is)  Dave & Suzie Meissner
> (Owner)  San Juan 23
> (Boat name)  Pondweed
> (I Sail )  Lake Pend Oreille
> (email)
> (Mailing address)  21211 N Greenbluff Dr
> (city, state, country)  Colbert WA 99005
> (year)  1979
> (number)  384
> (comments)
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> We're the 3rd owners of Pondweed, origianlly outfitetd as
> a research vessel on Lake Roosevelt. We purchased last year
> from her 2nd owner Fred Miller.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Remote IP:

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