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Re: New Owner

<x-flowed>Wow, what a great place for a SJ23!  Congrats and welcome aboard.

Chuck and others, Char has some great links on her page, as well as a 
way-cool background photo <g>


At 7:10 PM -0500 4/13/00, Char wrote:
>Hello -
>My name is Char Montz and I live in Maine.  I just about an hour ago became
>the owner of a San Juan 23 Mark 1.  Don't know a thing about the boat, just
>that she had what I wanted, good looks, lots of cabin space, and just felt
>right to me.  I will be mooring her at Dolphin Marina in Harpswell,
>beautiful Casco Bay.
>Any other owners out this area.
>Take care, hope to hear from you soon.
>Char Montz
>Topsham, Maine
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Hal Mueller
Seattle, Washington

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