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Re: Bilge

If you read Tech tip H07 it will give you some insight on how the keel
is attached to the hull and where water could be coming from.   Since
you say that water is coming in, and the hull is on the dry, you either
have water in one of the cockpit lockers, one of the cabin lockers or
under the forward berth.  If water is on top of the keel, the only way
it can find its way to a locker is if it were to "wick up."  I doubt
this is happening.

However, Tech Tip H07 also gives you an idea of how to drill a hole to
access the top of the keel. This way you can inspect this area and suck
the water out with a straw or similar.  The "mush" that Clark used to
bond the inner hull to the outer is closed cell and water should
therefore not travel through it.  If it wicks alongside the mush, you
have a more difficult problem to solve.

Water can also come in from leaky windows (Tech Tip B05) or shroud deck
plates (Tech Tip B07).  Draw a chalk line under each window to detect a
leak.  Where the chalk is washed away, is under your leak.

If you decide to drill through the floor (under the table) to check for
water, I would like to hear from you so I can document your
"discoveries" in a Tech Tip.

Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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