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Fw: San Juan 23 sails.

Just in case anyone is interested.

Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
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From: Peter Drage <>
To: San Juan webmaster <>
Sent: Friday, May 26, 2000 6:22 PM
Subject: San Juan 23 sails.

> Hi,
> I was searching the net for something else entirely, when I got drawn to
> your site, very nice, I like all the graphics. Having found you, it
> to me that I could offer to your "members" a similar proposal that I am
> currently making with a Tanzer22 group.
> I am an agent for Rolly Tasker Sails, you may have heard of them, but you
> may have not and this is what I want to change. These sails are very well
> made, using US Dacron and the best thread and fittings available, they are
> also very well priced especially if I can get a bunch of orders together
> this saves on freight and brokerage costs. There are also savings in not
> having to advertise. All these savings I can pass on to the customer, you
> get a very good deal.
> Below are quotes for a main and a 150 Genoa, would you please post them to
> your member mail list for me, I think they may be interested. Thank you.
> San Juan 23
> Main, Offshore quality, 5 oz US Dacron, standard battens, one reef set,
> cunningham, shelf foot, telltales, draft stripe, INSIGNIA, sail bag, AND
> incl delivery.
> $588US: $865 Can.
> Genoa 150%, Offshore quality, 4 oz US Dacron, hanks or roller, telltales,
> draft stripe, sail bag AND delivery
>  $570US: $838 Can
> Spinnaker, Offshore quality, 0.75 oz US rip stop nylon, tri-radial cut, 3
> colours, bag, and delivery $765 US: $1,125 Can
> Buy more than one sail and save a further $25US or $37 Can., per sail.
> Delivery is about 4/5 weeks, terms are Bank m/o or certified check with
> order. Canadian customers have to pay applicable sales taxes.
> Questions?
> Kind Regards,
> Pete Drage

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