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Re: Depth finder

Depth Sounder install

One method of installing a depth sounder is to use the technique
described in my buddy's C25 site.  He has used this technique for
several years now with no problems.   Go to

Yet another technique is to epoxy the face of the transducer directly to
the inside of the hull.  The key element here is uniform density of the
hull material for the signal to travel through. If you glue the
transducer to the hull with silicon seal, you will probably receive an
echo from this interface, plus one from the bottom.

I intend to epoxy mine this weekend to the flat floor area just forward
of the head, at the aft end under the V berth.  Will let you know how it
turns out.  The previous owner of this unit had it epoxied to the floor
in one of the side port lockers.

I dislike drilling a hole through the hull just to measure the water
depth. To tell you the truth, I would rather heave a lead line than
drill another hole in a perfectly water tight hull.  And what happens
when the transducer packs it in, or worse yet springs a leak
internally?  Well I guess you can always ask the scuba divers how deep
the water is!!


Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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