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Re: Depth finder

Hi Bob. I installed mine several years ago in the same location you intend
to place yours (slightly more forward). Works very well.

I did not use epoxy. It was suggested to me to use marine goop and make it
approx 1/4 inch or thicker in one solid mass
WITHOUT ANY BUBBLES OF AIR TRAPPED INSIDE.  I then pressed the transducer
into the goop and the deed was done. Has not budged since despite pounding
through waves etc.. To ensure nothing would hit the transducer, I covered it
with a thick round plastic dome. Very important for me since i have added 15
gallons of water ballast in the same area.

Jack Carr

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> Depth Sounder install
> One method of installing a depth sounder is to use the technique
> described in my buddy's C25 site.  He has used this technique for
> several years now with no problems.   Go to
> Yet another technique is to epoxy the face of the transducer directly to
> the inside of the hull.  The key element here is uniform density of the
> hull material for the signal to travel through. If you glue the
> transducer to the hull with silicon seal, you will probably receive an
> echo from this interface, plus one from the bottom.
> I intend to epoxy mine this weekend to the flat floor area just forward
> of the head, at the aft end under the V berth.  Will let you know how it
> turns out.  The previous owner of this unit had it epoxied to the floor
> in one of the side port lockers.
> I dislike drilling a hole through the hull just to measure the water
> depth. To tell you the truth, I would rather heave a lead line than
> drill another hole in a perfectly water tight hull.  And what happens
> when the transducer packs it in, or worse yet springs a leak
> internally?  Well I guess you can always ask the scuba divers how deep
> the water is!!
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> Regards
> Bob Schimmel
> Spruce Grove, Alberta
> Canada
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