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Fwd: Depth Sounder

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>From: "Jeremy Dixon" <>
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>Subject: Depth Sounder
>Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 09:16:14 -0400
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>On my San Juan 24, "My Tweety" I used a Dremel to take out approximately 1
>inch of hull core material (it's about 1 3/4" thick in this section) in the
>exact same shape as the puck transducer I received from Standard Marine. I
>then epoxied the face of the transducer to this cleared out section
>(brushing the epoxy on to make sure there were no bubbles or voids) then
>sitting tool box on until cured) I then taped a plastic container (about an
>inch or so larger circumference than the puck) with the bottom cut out to
>the hull and filled with epoxy and microballons mix. It is not going
>anywhere! I have the depth sounder at the aft end of the v-berth, just
>forward of the bulkhead.
>Being in Tampa Bay with an average depth of 11 feet and lots of sandbars
>(and a 4' fixed keel), I have found this to produce very accurate results.
>Jeremy Dixon
>"My Tweety"
>San Juan 24

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