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With the recent discussion I thought that I would add
my 25 cents, 45 cents canadian.  It has been a bit,
but I have installed several depth/fish finders. The
hockey puck kind-through hull can be glued with any
appropriate glue for the surface. I would consider
something that a chance remains for removal-just in
case.  They  will not work correctly if there is a
double hull, or anything else that may block the
signal.  It is odvious that there has to be some loss
through the hull.  The hang off the back in my
estimation work a bit better, and how to  affix the
holder/bracket to the hull is the only question.  I
have epoxyed the bracket on, and screwed it on.  I
assume that they get mucked up in warm areas, but in
cold/fresh water no problem.  One of the best
instillations I saw was by a backwoods guide on his
poor mans fishing rig.  He had glued a P.V.C. pipe in
his boat hull, and hung the fishfinder bracket inside
on the transducer bracket.  He had to fill the pipe
with Water so it would work, but maintained that this
system gave increased accuracy, and was not subject to
damage like exteriour mount, and without the loss or
glue to the hull.  Do not know for sure, but his
finder worked very well.  One can also caulk the pipe
to test if the hull location is good.  Hope this
helps.   68 Westerly 22'

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