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Hey, my name is Lee and I am new to the San Juan 23.  I am contemplating buying a 1981, with a tandem axle trailer, and a Honda outboard (7.5 hp).

She's been sitting in a backyard on a trailer for about the past five years or so.  All the lines pretty much have to be replaced, the companionway boards are about shot.  But the kicker is, the starboard lazarette is full of water that looks to have been there since te beginning of time.  I think it has caused a softening of the hull where the rear of the port side bunk comes in contact with the hull.

How serious is this?
How would I go about determining a fair value to pay for the boat?
Other than the lines, a few stress cracks in the transom, corroded electronics, she seems to be in pretty good shape considering her abuse.

Thanks guys,

Potential San Juan owner

Lee Irvin

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