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Re: Advice!

Too bad the owner didn't cover her up for storage. 

However, I would syphon her out and make an assessment after she is dry. 

I don't know if it freezes where you live, but I would consider walking
away from the deal if the water has ever frozen inside the hull. The
starboard lazarrette should not be a problem as the ice will simply pop
up, not causing any damage.  The area in the port side concerns me. 

The stress marks in the transom could be from water weight or groundings
with the rudder. 

In all, the fiberglass is not impossible to repair, but be prepared to
put a lot of effort into her. The area under the cockpit is 'difficult"
to get into if you have to perform extensive glass repair here.  The
mush used to glue the inner hull to the outer is closed cell foam.  But
then, this hull has been sitting for 5 years and could have
delaminated.  As a last hint, if you decide to buy her, use epoxy to do
the repairs.  Epoxy sticks better to polyester resin than polyester


Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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