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Re: Chars woes...-from Bob Schimmel's techtips on Centreboard 101


I just lifted this from Bob's techtips page on Hull-Centerboard 101.

"LIFT CABLE - The lift cable is attached to the trailing edge of the
centerboard trunk. It is attached to the back of the blade and runs up the
inside of the table pedestal, over a block at the top, where it exits out
the back down to a 3x1 block and tackle mounted to the floor.

The lift cable is made of 3/32" stainless steel. Don't replace it with
larger cable, as the end is equipped with a small thimble that is installed
crossways to the keel slot. A larger cable will necessitate a larger thimble
that can't fit inside the keel slot. The shackle on the end of the cable is
also very small so it can fit inside the slot without rubbing the sidewalls.
Assemble it exactly the same way it came off. I don't know how long the lift
cable should be. You could push a yardstick down the table post to the top
of the board to measure the length of the cable. If you terminate the board
end first and fish the remainder up through the center post, you can cut and
terminate the cabin end later. This cable is inexpensive so buy a few extra

Hint - To install the lift cable, remove the table, as it is infinitely
easier to fish for the cable through the top of the open table pedestal.
While the table is out, take the opportunity to insert a bronze bushing into
the lift cable block. The hole is probably worn oblong after years of use.
To restore it, drill the hole out with an oversize bit and insert a bronze
bushing.  Soak the bushing in oil overnight before you install it. You'll be
impressed with how much easier it is to lift the centerboard. Also, add some
stainless washers to the sides of this block to keep it aligned to the exit
hole on the back of the pedestal.  The block at the top of the pedestal is
made of solid aluminum with a V groove to support the wire.  To the best of
my memory, the block is 1 1/2" diameter with a 1/4" support bolt."

Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
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Subject: Chars woes...

> I think I have solved the problem with the centerboard.  Got looking in
> tech tips at other peoples wonderful interiors and realized that I don't
> have the top pulley on the exterior of the cable trunk.  Any ideas on the
> size I would need.
> Now for my next three problems:
> 1. Yardman says my cleats and chocks are too small and should be replaced.
> 2. Rudder does not stay down, line keeps slipping out of the clam cleat,
> 3. The line with the clips that was on the backstay has broken loose and
> I don't have anything to support the boom.
> Oh well, I keep telling myself, next year will be a breeze.
> Thanks for all the help in advance.
> Char
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