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Maine sailor

I have finally been out sailing in my San Juan, and what a joy.  She is
Now I have a couple more questions:
1. Why is the topping lift line so long? And why are there clips on both
ends.  I have one clipped to the end of the boom and then tied off on a
cleat.  Is that correct?
2. Do any of you have and use the electric start on  your motor?  Could you
send me the particulars on the wiring, etc?
3. I have figured out the main sheet, jib sheet, genoa sheet, but there is
one sheet that has me stumped.  It is wire attached to the starboard side of
the mast, changes from wire to line about 6" short of the top of the mast,
runs through the blocks at the top of the mast and comes back down and ties
off on a cleat on the port side of the mast.  I give.
4. My backstay attaches to one of the angled brackets on the transom, but it
looks like there should be two.  Has this been modified, and should I try to
have it corrected this winter when I redo all the stays?
5. What do you do about condensation inside the cabin?  I hope to get a
solar vent soon, but mean while I must have bailed out a gallon of water
today.  It has been very humid here, plus she is moored in a bay.
Thanks in advance for all the help I know I will receive.
Sail safely-

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