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Re: Maine sailor

> >4. My backstay attaches to one of the angled brackets on the transom, but it
> >looks like there should be two.  Has this been modified, and should I try to
> >have it corrected this winter when I redo all the stays?
> I have an adjustable backstay, and like it, though I haven't done any 
> objective tests of its effect on boat speed.  One bit of wire 
> attaches to the transom in two different spots, and single backstay 
> is attached to the top of that bit.  Sliding set of blocks slides 
> down the lower wire, squeezing the 2 segments together to tension the 
> backstay.  Yeah, I know, a picture would be better :)

Some pictures that might help can be seen at:

I think the setup Hal is referring to is #3 on this web page.


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