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Re: SJ23 purchase


I subscribed you to our majordomo e-mail list and will forward this message
to our 120 plus members. The price sounds good to me. If it includes a
trailer it is very good in my opinion. I didn't have a survey done when I
bought mine but most buyers get a survey and it is paid by the seller on
large yachts, I guess the buyer pays on some. The main concern on the SJ 23
would be structural integrity of the fiberglass which you can pretty well
check yourself if it is out of the water. I am sure other skippers will have
thoughts for you. Let me know if you buy and we will get you signed up as a
skipper on our WebPages.

Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
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Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2000 4:08 PM
Subject: SJ23 purchase

> Chuck: I am considering the purchase of an SJ23-1979. Asking is $4850.
> Any words of wisdom on making this purchase? -Bill from Dallas

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