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Leaking water where centerboard cable comes through the hull

I have been noticing small puddles of water every now and then on the 
floor of my cabin which had me baffled until this past weekend.  When I 
was in the cabin this weekend I notice water trickling over the top of 
the table pedestal when the boat would go over a wave.  I am guessing 
that when the boat rocks it produces air pressure and forces the water 
up the pedestal.  I am guessing that I need to replace the bushings 
that the cable goes through to get through the hull.  

Do I need to have the boat hulled out of the water to fix this?  

What other damage might this of caused now that water has been slowly 
leaking all summer?

How do I get to the bushing?  Does the table pedestal come apart?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.  


Jay Colavita
Sweet Redemption
Chesapeake Bay - Maryland

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