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Re: Leaking water where centerboard cable comes through the hull


I am forwarding your questions about center board to the membership. Have
you looked at Bob Schimmel's Techtips pages? I think you will find the
answer there.

Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
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Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2000 2:51 PM
Subject: Leaking water where centerboard cable comes through the hull

> I have been noticing small puddles of water every now and then on the
> floor of my cabin which had me baffled until this past weekend.  When I
> was in the cabin this weekend I notice water trickling over the top of
> the table pedestal when the boat would go over a wave.  I am guessing
> that when the boat rocks it produces air pressure and forces the water
> up the pedestal.  I am guessing that I need to replace the bushings
> that the cable goes through to get through the hull.
> Do I need to have the boat hulled out of the water to fix this?
> What other damage might this of caused now that water has been slowly
> leaking all summer?
> How do I get to the bushing?  Does the table pedestal come apart?
> Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jay Colavita
> Sweet Redemption
> Chesapeake Bay - Maryland

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