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Re: Sailing and Heeling the SJ 23


I have you signed up on our Skipper page and subscribed to the SanJuan 23
majordomo e-mail list. Welcome aboard.

I believe the San Juan 23 is as close to a self-righting boat as smaller
boats with center boards but I am not positive. The lead keel/centerboard
provides from 960 to 1100 lbs ballast depending on the year model. Bob
Schimmel has some numbers in his Techtips HO5 indicating a
Ballast/Displacement Ratio of .034 and a Capsize Risk of 2.19. The Comfort
factor is 12.8.

That is all Greek to me so maybe other members or Bob can interpret it for
you. I have had my toe rail in the water and stood on the lazarette side
with my 150 Jib up and about a 15-20 knot wind but I get antsy very quickly
and back off. In my opinion I have had her over 45 degrees but I am not

I am copying this to the membership who I am sure will have better answers
for you.
Good luck with your project and sailing.

Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
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> Chuck and Barbara,
>     I am a fairly new sailor (couple of years), with all my
> previous experience on a 'self righting' keel boat.  I am
> under the impression that the SJ23s are not 'self righting,'
> and can go over.  Without learning from experience, how far
> over (degrees of heel, 25 knot winds, etc.) can we go?
> Dan

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