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Bulkhead replacement

My port bulkhead between the fuel locker and under the bench is rotting out
due to water in the fuel locker, my starboard bulkhead between what I assume
would be the starboard cockpit locker is completely gone, with a shallow
locker for my battery and some storage.  The bulkhead between the locker and
the v-berth area both have huge hole cut into them.  Needless to say, I am
about as water tight as a sieve.  I am thinking I need to fix these this
winter, any suggestions, templates, etc.  I figure I will redo the
chainplates and the attached bulkhead while I am at it.  Is this normal?
Should I consider adding extra flotation while I am at it?  Any suggestions
on air circulation.  I have installed a solar fan (one of the cheapies that
only works when the blazing sun is directly on it).

I resealed the starboard chain plate, and I believe I have stopped that leak
for now, but I am still getting water into my starboard storage area.  My
fear is that I am taking on small amounts of water through the fittings on
the rudder, any other ideas?

Don't you just love the first season with the new (used) boat?

Char Montz
S/V No Whine just Roses
Topsham, Maine

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