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Re: Sailing and Heeling the SJ 23

Twice now I have had Panache on her side with the toe rail under water.  Both
times were with the working jib sheeted in, full main up and the tiller locked,
sailing close hauled.  Neither time did it take in water.  However, during both
storms, I got hit at the beginning while the water was still relatively flat.
The boat suffered no damage.

I have since tried to duplicate the "capsize" and am unable to do so.  The
rudder comes out of the water, the hull points into the wind and she stands
up.  Wonderful.

I have come to the conclusion that an extremely strong wind front, with
sufficient force, will lay the hull on its side faster than it can round up.
Thanks god for the narrow cockpit design.  This is what prompted Bobby and I to
develop a methods of quickly locking the drop boards in place as in Tech Tip
B08.  More on this and a down haul line for the jib later.

Chuck vanDe Wetering wrote:

> Dan,
> I have you signed up on our Skipper page and subscribed to the SanJuan 23
> majordomo e-mail list. Welcome aboard.
> I believe the San Juan 23 is as close to a self-righting boat as smaller
> boats with center boards but I am not positive. The lead keel/centerboard
> provides from 960 to 1100 lbs ballast depending on the year model. Bob
> Schimmel has some numbers in his Techtips HO5 indicating a
> Ballast/Displacement Ratio of .034 and a Capsize Risk of 2.19. The Comfort
> factor is 12.8.
> That is all Greek to me so maybe other members or Bob can interpret it for
> you. I have had my toe rail in the water and stood on the lazarette side
> with my 150 Jib up and about a 15-20 knot wind but I get antsy very quickly
> and back off. In my opinion I have had her over 45 degrees but I am not
> sure.
> I am copying this to the membership who I am sure will have better answers
> for you.
> Good luck with your project and sailing.
> Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
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> Subject: Sailing
> > Chuck and Barbara,
> >     I am a fairly new sailor (couple of years), with all my
> > previous experience on a 'self righting' keel boat.  I am
> > under the impression that the SJ23s are not 'self righting,'
> > and can go over.  Without learning from experience, how far
> > over (degrees of heel, 25 knot winds, etc.) can we go?
> >
> > Dan
> >
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