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SJ23 Tech tip H08

Good Day all;

I just found the perfect information for getting the best performance
out of your SJ23.  It comes from an original tuning tip that the Clark
brothers mailed, way back when.  Thanks to Betsy for saving it all this
time and mailing a copy to me so we can all benefit.  It is posted as
Tech Tip H08.

I've also received pictures from some of you.  Thanks for those.  I will
incorporate most of them into the Tech Tips when time permits.  Right
now I have to tweek my rigging tension to see if Clark is right!

PS: If any of you have any original Clark info, I would appreciate
receiving a copy.  Either scan it the material and email it to me or I
will send you my snail mail address for hard copies.


Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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