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Some questions about SJ23 sails

Well, I've been on many a mailing list, but never such a quiet one as this.
I'm itching to talk about the boat, but I seem to be the only one. I have
yet to sail my 'new' boat, but I have some questions about the sails and
the performance of the boat, which I would appreciate any thoughts on, from
anyone in the mood to talk.

I've been told that the 150% genoa is only appropriate for very light airs,
that it creates too much heeling and overpowers the boat in anything more
than a mild breeze. Is that the conclusion of other experienced sailors in
the group? My boat has only the main, working jib and that genoa, and I'm
hoping I can use it for something other than running. It's an Ulmer, looks
like a good, lightweight sail, but could well be cut too full for the boat.

If the boat were to be overpowered while flying it, does it have a
tendency, as many small cruisers do, to broach-to downwind and
uncontrollably round up into the wind?

Is it a problem to keep the boat on her feet? I'm curious whether the
reefed main and working jib will be little enough sail when the wind pipes
up a bit. If I had been the original purchaser of that main, I'd have put
another reef in it. Do you find the single reef to be enough of a
reduction? Clark says it is, up to winds of about 30 knots, and that the
reefed main and jib make for a well balanced boat which will stand up and
sail on her lines. Do you find that to be true?

I've only ever used point reefing, before. Do you find that the jiffy
reefing works adequately?

Will the boat handle well under main alone? Jib alone?



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