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stove stuff

Our boat has a simple two-burner alcohol stove, one of the old type which
you pressurize like a Coleman stove. It won't pressurize. If we can't get
it going, we will replace it with something just as simple. We'll never
want to do anything more complicated than make coffee, warm pre-packaged
soups and other meals, maybe cook some eggs.

I sometimes feel that we sail only so we can sit in the cockpit on cool,
misty mornings, watching the day come alive in some secluded little cove
while sipping a steaming cup of coffee.

What do you use for a stove? Alcohol? Propane? I've always been nervous
about propane on a boat because it is heavier than air and can settle to
the bottom and wait there like a booby trap. It has been many years since I
considered the problem, though, and there may be better, safer systems,
now. It certainly would be more convenient, and more efficient, too.

I'd appreciate any recommendations from experienced hands.

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