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Re: stove stuff

I use an alcohol burner. It works fine for heating up beans, cooking crabs,
frying fish, boiling hotdogs. What else could you need on a sailing trip?
The beans help boost the 5 horse outboard propulsion. When I had my Catalina
36 I used CNG instead of propane for the safety reason you stated. It was
great but a little hard to find along the Sunshine Coast of B.C. so we had
to carry a lot with us.for a lengthy cruise (3-4 weeks). Unless you or your
partner are gourmet cooks I recommend an alcohol burner. Alcohol storage is
so easy.

Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
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Subject: stove stuff

> Our boat has a simple two-burner alcohol stove, one of the old type which
> you pressurize like a Coleman stove. It won't pressurize. If we can't get
> it going, we will replace it with something just as simple. We'll never
> want to do anything more complicated than make coffee, warm pre-packaged
> soups and other meals, maybe cook some eggs.
> I sometimes feel that we sail only so we can sit in the cockpit on cool,
> misty mornings, watching the day come alive in some secluded little cove
> while sipping a steaming cup of coffee.
> What do you use for a stove? Alcohol? Propane? I've always been nervous
> about propane on a boat because it is heavier than air and can settle to
> the bottom and wait there like a booby trap. It has been many years since
> considered the problem, though, and there may be better, safer systems,
> now. It certainly would be more convenient, and more efficient, too.
> I'd appreciate any recommendations from experienced hands.
> Bob
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