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battery, was my sink is sunk

>I would guess that a nice fresh 40 amp-hr battery would be
>for a long weekend.  Barely.

I think you are right, and we'll be upgrading the battery fairly soon. I've
had experience with marine batteries designed for use with electric
trolling motors, and I think they would be a good type for the boat. They
are designed for low output over a long period, and tolerate being deeply
discharged, then recharged, many times. I've used them for 10-12 hours of
fishing per day, for up to 3 days without running out of power. They should
handle the light load of a sailboat's system with no problem.

>By the way, your electricity problems will be gone forever if you keep the
>brimming with a small solar panel.

Excellent suggestion. Are the panels portable, so they can be put away when
not in use?

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