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RE: stove stuff

>Like the Coleman products that require pressurizing, there is probably a
>gasket/seal that has to be lubricated to keep the seal intact; that would be
>my first check.

I disassembled the pump and oiled the pumpleather before we left the boat
on Saturday. If it isn't working next Saturday, I'll remove the stove and
bring it home for some serious work.

>besides captaining, navigating, and maintaining the boat, I cook because my
>first mate will not -I do everything (I know she does not subscribe to this
>forum so I am quite safe in saying that!!!)

Oh, the hard life of the sailorman! I'll never tell what you said, John. <G>

>For added peace of mind when using propane or other similar gasses, there
>are reasonable priced LEL detectors that work well and have high safety
>margins built into the system.

Good suggestion.

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