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Re: stove stuff Butane Stove

I bought one of those BUTANE stoves when I visited Phoenix this past
March.   When I got home (Topeka, Kansas), I couldn't find any BUTANE
bottles or cans.  Our Walmart and K-Mart do not carry them.  When was the
last time you bought your BUTANE?    I would really like to get some for
my stove.   Thanks,   Clark  in Kansas

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000 11:20:22 -0500 "Colter, Larry" <>
> Bob, there's a much simpler solution. In the camping section of 
> Walmart,
> K-Mart, etc., you can find compact single burner BUTANE stoves. You 
> insert a
> butane canister, electronically fire the stove up, and you've got 
> your
> coffee in 8-10 minutes. The fire is hotter than alcohol, the fuel 
> lasts
> longer than alcohol, and, for safety, the canister can be disengaged 
> with a
> push of a short lever.
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