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Butane Stove

Hi Guys;

The portable butane stove you are looking for is retailed by several
companies and sold under different names, naturally!
Mine is called Iwatini. In the local Home Hardware here it is called
Butane 9000.  Theirs is e/w a nice wind shield which would be nice to
have.  It's a wonderful stove.  In fact the guy who sold Panache to me
wanted to buy the stove back from me.  I didn't.

In any case the burner is adjustable from 2400 BTU to 6000 BTU.  It is
dead quiet, which I like for heating things while the crew is asleep,
and has never failed on me.  A nice safety feature is the locking lever
on the front right.  In the down position the fuel canister is clamped
and locked to the gas valve, ready for operation.  In the up position
the canister is detached from the valve preventing gas flow.  The valve
has a built in spring loaded spark ignition when full on.

Go to for a


Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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