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A little politicking, was Boat Stoves Exchange

>It was great to see the majordomo list come to life after a long

Chuck, as a new member, I've been surprised how little conversation takes
place on the list. A mailing list is such a marvelous way to exchange
information helpful to all, and it seems a shame that doesn't happen more
on SJ23 list.

I found out right away that when I asked a question on the list, almost all
responses came to me alone, not to the list. I've received a lot of good
information about a variety of subjects since joining, and it has been most
helpful. My thanks to all. However, most all that good information has been
for my eyes, only, and hasn't been shared by the membership. That's too
bad, IMHO.

I haven't been here long enough to be making suggestions, but I'm going to
do it, anyway. It seems important. If the preferences for the list were
changed so that simply selecting "Reply" would return a message to the
list, instead of just to the person who posted, then all would have access
to the information, and the conversation level of the list would be raised.
The members could still respond to the poster by private mail, if they did
not wish to discuss the topic with the group.

People will usually take the path of least resistance, least effort. With
"Reply" set as it is, they will use it, even though they would rather talk
to the group at large. They do that because it's easier, and, as some have
told me, because they don't know how to do it otherwise.

Maybe the preferences are intentionally set as they are so that the level
of conversation will stay low. That's fair, and if the group likes it that
way, the preferences should not be changed. Personally, I vote to make the
change and see what happens for a month. If it turns into too much of a
chat room, they can always be changed back.

Bob the Brash
Sail #619

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